Seans Shy Program

Seans Shy Program

Why shyness is a curse…and how to end it forever!

Many years ago I was a chronically shy person, and if you’re like me then I probably don’t have to tell you this, but shyness can have a seriously negative affect on your life.

Being shy means you’re going to miss out on many things ordinary people take for granted.

For example, you’ll struggle in career, get passed over for promotion and when it comes time to let people go, you’re the first out the door.

But even worse than that is your social and romantic life.

You’re the person who sits at home every Saturday night, wondering where it all went wrong.

And the worst part is that nobody cares, because most people are too busy getting on with their own lives to worry about yours, and they think that it’s all “In your head”

But having overcome chronic shyness myself, I can tell you that it really IS all in your head.

And moving past this problem is more than possible, no matter how hopeless it seems.

The reason why is because shyness is actually caused by your biology, and more specifically, by an overactive part of your brain stem.

But this problem can very easily be solved with a basic cognitive thinking technique, which will instantly turn of your shyness and allow you to be confident around people whenever you need.

I learnt this cognitive thinking trick 'Seans Shy Program' from a guy called Sean Cooper.

Just like you he also suffered from crippling shyness and anxiety and lost the best years of his life to this problem. And realizing that nothing would change unless he changed it, he started out on a mission to learn what was wrong with him.

And as it turns out almost no one, not even Doctors and psychologists, understand the causes of shyness and anxiety. What’s more, very few of them truly know what it’s like to experience these issues.

Which means that their treatment techniques are largely ineffective, and in some cases they can actually make the problem worse.

A good example is something like progressive desensitization. Contrary to popular belief, exposing yourself to situations which make your nervous will NOT help you.

Sean also discovered is that the pharmaceutical companies are no help at all.

These companies are only in it for the money, which is why they claim your problem is caused by chemical imbalances, and then turn around and sell you drugs to treat this imbalance.

But having worked with thousands of shy people, he knows that in most cases they end up becoming dependent on these drugs to function, which means years of profit for the drug companies.

And when you finally decide to quit, you get to go through horrific withdrawal and end up worse off than before…so you’re going to have to accept that a “Magic pill” for shyness does not exist.

But that being said, there is a way to overcome it and the first thing you need to do is learn the REAL reasons why you’re shy. Remember, your shyness is caused by biology and this biology can be sidestepped with a simple cognitive trick.

I’ve never heard it mentioned anywhere else, not even by my psychiatrist, yet I somehow used it to destroy my shyness in under a week.

Remember, life is passing you by…

Do you really want to waste another minute being shy?

The solution is right here, but it’s up to you to take the first step with Seans Shy Program.


Seans Shy Program

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